Liitokala Lii-500 Lii-PD4 battery charger 18650 21700 26650 AA AAA charger for 18350 18500 16340 17500 25500 10440 battery
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Liitokala Lii-500 Lii-PD4 battery charger 18650 21700 26650 AA AAA charger for 18350 18500 16340 17500 25500 10440 battery

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LiitoKala Lii-S1
Technology once again innovation, Auto-polarity detection. Do not need to distinguish the battery polarity. As long as the battery is rechargeable battery that can be charged. Do not worry about battery polarity reverse.Good Charger.
In addition to Auto-polarity detection there is a strong visible digi-dispaly. Visually beautiful. Function continues the Lii-100, very good.
Input: Micro USB DC 5V / 1A (min.)
Output voltage: DC 4.2V 500mA / 1000mA for Li-Ion
DC 4.35V 500mA / 1000mA for IMR
DC 3.65V 500mA / 1000mA for LeFePO4
DC 1.48V 500mA / 1000mA for NiMH / NI-Cd
Constant voltage charging with cut-off current less then 100mA
Standby current: No more than 15mA
Compatible for Batteries:
Li-ion / IMR / LiFePO4: 26650, 21700,20700, 18650, 18490, 17700, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440
Ni-MH / Cd: AA, AAA, A, SC, C size
Size (mm) / Weight (grams):
Length 112mm x Width 37mm x Height 32mm
45 grams (charger) + 17grams (USB cable) included in delivery
1, One-slot charging and management system, Micro USB DC 5V input port
2, Battery polarity auto-detection (Any Polarity)
3, 500mAh / 1000mAh charging current for selection
4, Built-in digital tube indicator shows the real-time charging status of voltage and current
5, Identify Li-ion and Ni-MH battery automatically
Select manually by short-press the mode button for IMR battery (3.85V Li-ion) and LiFePO4 battery (3.2V)
6, Activation function for 0V battery of PCM protection.
7, Can not charge battery with 0.0 ≦ U <0.2V for NiMH / Cd and 1.6 ≦ U <2.2V for Li-Ion
8, Over-charging and over-discharge protection
9, Identify broken / defective battery
10, Charging under constant voltage and current
Operation instruction:
There's a 'MODE' button for choosing the battery types and charging current
Long press the 'MODE' button for 3 seconds to change the charging current, you can change the charging current at any time
Short press the 'MODE' button to change the charging types of lithium batteries. If no setting, it will default as 1.2V Ni-MH or 3.7V li-ion battery automatically. You need to change the mode for 3.85V li-ion and 3.2V LiFePO4 battery
It begins to charge the battery 5 seconds after your settings
When the battery is inserted or defective battery is inserted, the charger will have no any response showing "null" ; When the battery is fully charged, it shows "Full"
It can display the battery voltage and charge current by short press the 'MODE' button at any time during charging
Lii-S1.78-ALii-S1.79-ALii-S1.82-ALii-S1 and battery-AIMGP1130-1


Lii-500 Data
MCU smart controled /  Charge (selective up to 1000mA)
Capacity test of 2modes(Chg & Dsg) /  5V USB output( power bank
Short-circuited protection /  Reverse protection
Over Chg&Dsg protection /  Over heating protection
Time limitation(NiMH) /  Defective cell protectio
Input: DC 12V / 2A(min.)

Charge output: Li-Ion 4.2V 300mA/500mA/700mA/1000mA * 4
                          Ni-MH/Cd 1.48V 300mA/500mA/700mA/1000mA * 4
Charging cut-off voltage: lithium-ion battery 4.2 ± 0.05V

Discharge output: 500mA cutoff Li-Ion 2.8V/ NiMH 0.9V

USB output: 5V 1000mA (only with Li-Ion 3.7V battery inserted)

For battery sizes: diameter 8mm-26mm; height 34mm-71mm
                              NiMH/Cd AAA/Micro, AA/Mignon, C/ Bady, Sub- C, A
                              Li-Ion 26650, 22650, 18650,18490, 18500,
                              17500, 17355, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440

Dimensions: L*W*H / 162*96*36mm

Weight: 441g(Including box)
Lii500 and adapter
1 X lii-500 Charger
1 X 12 2a ADAPTE (US / EU)
1 X Use  manual
This product test data is for reference only. Do not make any evidence.



LiitoKala Lii - 500 specification
Thank you for using our products - Lii - 500, it is a high-end intelligent charger, with 4 channel independent rechargeable battery capacity testing/battery internal resistance detection/meter/short circuit protection, overcharge protection/temperature / 1.65 V to 1.65 V voltage can't charging function/USB 5 V output, and zero volt battery activation and so on ten big function, at the same time automatically timely monitoring battery charging, test process.
Lii - 500 can be filling a variety of different types of cylindrical lithium-ion battery and AA/AAA cylindrical nickel metal hydride batteries, widely used in strong light flashlight, electric tools, instruments and meters, electronic products such as digital camera battery. The use of safe, easy to carry, powerful, your home, tourism is a good helper.
A, warning,
1. The charger can only cylindrical lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, not rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries; 
2. Before use, please refer to the instructions carefully, pay attention to the recommendations of the rechargeable battery charging current, do not exceed recommended charging current; 
3. Do not use other power adapter; 
4. When the charger to charge and discharge may be fever, be careful not to burn. 
5. Stop the use, please unplug the power supply, pull out the battery; 
6. Only can be used in normal indoor. 
7. This product testing data are for reference only, actual situation, please refer to the professional instrument. 
Second, the characteristics of
1. 4 kinds of charging current regulating (300 ma / 500 ma ma / 700/700 ma); 
2. To different specifications (18650/26650... / AA/AAA) battery charging at the same time; 
3. This charger is bright with a LCD display screen independence, voltage (V), current (mA) time (h). The capacity (mAh) resistance (mR) parameters, E eye know; 
4. The CHARGE mode, channel 4 work independently, can choose different charging current charging and pretend to be lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries. 
5. FAST TEST mode, the four channels can quickly detect battery capacity, regardless of lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, are to work independently. Rapid detection of battery capacity process consists of two steps (1, 2 with) 
6. NOR the TEST mode, the normal TEST battery capacity process consists of three steps (1 first on a full charge, discharge again 2, 3 again filled), the testing process of battery capacity; 
7. CHARGE and FAST TEST. / NOR TEST three patterns can work simultaneously; Independent set charging/rapid detection/normal detection capacity; 
8. A variety of protection function: the overcharge, short circuit, temperature, activation function, 0 V voltage, 1.65 V to 1.65 V cannot charge function, bad battery intelligent recognition and reverse connect battery protection. 
9. With the function of standard 5 v / 1000 mA USB output: section from 1 to 4 lithium batteries lithium batteries complete USB output, this product nimh batteries can't take the USB output. 
10. Equipped with a special power adapter: dc input voltage: 12 v / 2 a. 
Third, the description of the buttons
1. The charger has six buttons, MODE selection key (MODE), the current selected key (CURREN), the independent choice and view the data key (1234), concise and easy to use; 
2. Press MODE key under any circumstances and keep 3 seconds to change CHARGE (rechargeable) model or FAST TEST, NOR TEST (capacity) model, and then push the function corresponding to the light again in 8 seconds can change detection, in current, independent, pretend to be, capacity, 8 seconds after the selected function into the working state, and in the working status can be gently press (1234), to check the current (mA)/capacity (mAh)/voltage (V)/time (h)/internal resistance (mR) reference data. 
Four, mode:
CHARGE (charging mode)
1. When the charger plug charger all LCD screen instantly bright, if the battery is not in the will show the Null, if it is a bad battery into will also display Null; 
2. The charger into the battery power, the charger of battery internal resistance is measured in 3 seconds, then the system automatically into charging mode (CHARGE), the charger automatically default charging current for "500 ma, can through the current selected key in 8 seconds (CURREN) choose 300 ma and 500 ma and 700 ma and 1000 ma current recharged, system will lock in 8 seconds for charging current of your choice, if within eight seconds, not set, then the system automatically default for charging current at 500 ma, the electric current, and other functions will not be able to change again, if need to change, to change the mode key choose by from long; 
3. In the charging mode (CHARGE), 8 seconds to change the independence or different charging current choice, as well as different mix one battery. Speak a simple light, 8 seconds according to the 1234 battery corresponding key, press mode key change again, according to the current key will change the current detection function, independence, pretend to be, capacity, 8 seconds into the working state after 
selected, pay attention to choose the charging current according to battery capacity size, if you don't need fast charging, suggest using 500 ma charge, this is the most safe;
4. Charging mode, through to 1234 key can switch to check the charge capacity (mAh)/charging time (h)/battery internal resistance (mR)/charging current (mA), voltage (V) 5 units, after the battery is full displays, charging (end);
2. Capacity to detect patterns (FAST TEST, NOR TEST) two kinds
(a) FAST TEST (rapid capacity TEST mode)
1. When the charger into the battery after turning on the power supply, light 8 seconds press (MODE key MODE), select (FAST TEST capacity FAST detection MODE), and then press the select key CURREN (current) select the desired current, the system will lock in 8 seconds of your choice. Reference table a rapid capacity detection process
Is the battery discharge first, and then record the battery and battery charging battery capacity can be inspected.
Pay attention to this product is used to detect the capacity mode, the discharge model is divided into 2 kinds, when you choose the charging current for (300 ma, ma, 500), the system to automatically default discharge current is 250 ma, when you choose the charging current (700 ma, ma, 1000), system to automatically default discharge current is 500 ma,
(b) NOR TEST (normal capacity TEST mode)
1. NOR TEST mode: which is the batteries, the first to record the battery discharge and discharge capacity to TEST battery capacity, after the battery is full of automatically; Refer to table 2 capacity detection process 
2. When the charger into the battery after turning on the power supply, light according to 8 seconds (MODE key MODE), selected NOR TEST MODE, long press MODE key under any state 2 seconds, can enter NOR TEST MODE; 
3. Enter NOR TEST mode, after eight seconds time can through the current selected key (CURREN) choose 300 mA and 500 mA, mA, 
700 or 700 mA current, the system will lock you choose in 8 seconds of current, if the 8 seconds, did not make a set, then the system will automatically lock 500 mA charging current (the current is selected at this time the system default charge current and discharge automatically choose the discharge current of 250 mA), in the eight seconds, select 700 mA and 1000 mA current charging, discharge automatically choose the discharge current of 500 mA. 
After 4. When the battery is full of, the system automatically to discharge, the discharge current to system default selection (charging current relationship), and record the discharge data, so as to detect the battery capacity, when the screen appears, end capacity detection model, the parameters of the LCD display at this time is the actual capacity of the battery reference values; .
5. After the capacity to detect patterns, the charger in before the current selected parameters for the battery again, until it is full. Five, the USB 5 v output 
5.1 USB only move as 5 v output, the output current is 1000 ma, connect the power supply the USB output is invalid. 5.2 when the battery into the slot of the output USB / 5 v in awake, at this time can be on the 5 v power electronics. 5.3 products 4 battery slot, an arbitrary slot are available for USB output, suggested that both slot in the battery. 
5.4 USB 5 V output to only work in 3.7 V lithium battery, nickel metal hydride booster is invalid. 
Lii-100 Data
Input : DC5V/1A
Output Voltage: DC4.2V(Li-ion) / DC4.35V(IMR)
                          DC3.65V(Li-Felipo4) / DC1.48V(NiMH)
Output Current: 500mA  / 1000mA
USB Output: DC 5V 1000mA
Compalible with Ni-MH/Cd. AA AAA A SC Sizes
3.7V Li-ion Battery include: 26650,22650,26500,18650,
- Read Instruction before use!
- Please ensure that the input is 5V/1A!


Lii-PL4 Data

The Lii-PL4 is a new 4Slot multifunctional smart battery charger launched by LiitoKala. Low price, while four types of batteries can be applied (Li-ion 4.2V / 4.35V Ni-MH 1.2V Li-Fe 3.6V), and a variety of battery sizes.

Charger technical parameters:
Input power: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz / DC 12V-1A
Output voltage: DC 4.2V for Li-Ion
                          DC 4.35V for IMR
                          DC 3.65V for LeFePO4
                          DC 1.48V for NiMH/NI-Cd
Output current: Li-Ion/IMR/LiFePO4 2000mA*1 (fourth channel only),
NiMH/NiCd: 1000mA*2, 500mA*3 500mA*4
Constant current, constant voltage charge, cut-off current: <100m A;
External power standby current: <15.0m A;
Compatible battery types and models
Li-ion / IMR/LiFePO4: 26650,21700,18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440
Sixth, charger size:
133mm x 100mm x 35mm (length / width / height)
Weight: 175g (including AC power cord)
Lii-PD4 Data
Electrical Parameters:

1.         Input : AC cable 110-240V 50/60Hz (included)/  DC 12V 1A(selective)

2.         Output voltage: DC 4.2V for Li-Ion 3.7V

                      DC 4.35V for Li-Ion 3.8V( IMR)

                      DC 3.65V for LiFePO4

                      DC 1.48V for NiMH/NI-Cd

3.         Output current: Li-Ion/IMR/LiFePO4 2000mA*1(only for slot#4),

1000mA*2, 500mA*3  500mA*4

NiMH/NiCd: 1000mA*2, 500mA*3  500mA*4

4.          Constant voltage, cut-off current: less than 100mA

5.          Standby current: less than 15mA

Compatible battery types and sizes

Li-ion / IMR/LiFePO4: 26650,21700,20700, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440


Size and weight:

133mm x 100mm x 35mm (L x W x H)

Weight:      approx175g (not including AC cable) 1346-US


  • Brand Name: liitokala
  • Use: Standard Battery
  • Package: Yes
  • Quick charge: Yes
  • Display screen: Yes
  • Type: Electric
  • Output Interface: USB Output
  • Model Number: Lii-500 202 S1 PL4 PD4 100
  • Intelligent Charge: Yes
  • Battery Number: 1-4


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